Cuttlefish bone casting demonstrations


Expect to fill all your senses at one of my cuttlefish bone casting demonstrations on the Sunday 13th and 20th November as part of the Peninsula Studio Trail open studio weekends.

There’s the smell of the burning cuttlefish bone, the heat of the gas, the noise of the torch, and the excitement of watching as the silver becomes molten and I carefully pour into the cuttlefish bone mould.

I will talk you through the process from carving the cuttlefish to casting, then back in the studio you can learn about the finishing stages of my refined contemporary jewellery. It is here that most of the hard work is done, as I take a very rough cast to a highly polished work of art that I sell directly from my studio.

My jewellery is contemporary, some might say bold statement pieces, they reflect my love of the sea and the Australian landscape.

I’ve been a resident of the Mornington Peninsula for over 17 years, taking up the art of Cuttlefish bone casting shortly after moving to these shores.

On Saturday and Sunday 12,13, & 19, 20 November my studio will be open in conjunction with the Peninsula Studio Trail artists  from 10am-5pm.


the boab tree

Boab Tree The Kimberley Western Australia © Katrina Newman 2011
Boab Tree The Kimberley Western Australia © Katrina Newman 2011

I stopped and collected the Boab nuts that you can find scattered at the foot of these trees if you’re lucky. I have a basket full at home.  The Aboriginal people of Australia carve them and it’s possible to buy some beautiful examples of Aboriginal Art as Boab Carvings.  I purchased two examples from an Aboriginal Arts Cooperative on a visit to the Kimberleys last year see for more information.