It’s the season for a good Boozey Trifle

With all due respect, gone are the days of gagging on my grandmothers trifle made with jellied tinned fruit, sponge cake and custard. Today my trifle is a delicious combination of fresh fruit including raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and cherries cooked in brandy and a little sugar before  being added to a large trifle bowl layered with freshly baked sponge cake splashed with brandy. The fruit and cake are then coated with a thick layer of vanilla bean cream custard and a final and very generous topping of whipped cream and flaked almonds.  It’s absolutely delicious.  A good reason to celebrate anytime. It’s my Christmas pleasure.

Boozey Trifle
Boozey Trifle
Boozey Trifle
Boozey Trifle detail

Christmas is coming!

Somers Arts Fair 2012

Thank you to all the people that visited my stall at Somers Arts Fair last weekend.

If you didn’t get a chance to buy what you were looking at last weekend you can visit my shop and buy before Christmas. I have added more than 20 new listings to my shop in the last week, so it’s worth your while to drop in for a look.  Below you will find some examples of my new work.

Please be patient when placing your order and corresponding with me as there may be a short delay in sending your item as I am taking a holiday and will not always be available to get to the computer.

 Click on the photos below to go directly to the item in my shop.

Sea blue cascade necklace
Purple and ivory ear-rings
A glorious sunset necklace
Purple Cascade
Sea Horizons Pendant
Red and white polka dot ear-rings
Glistening Sea Ear-rings

The count down to Somers Arts Fair

A late night at my desk finishing off some necklaces and earrings. © Katrina Newman

The eyes show that it was a late night of tidying up and finishing off some new pieces for Somers Arts Fair.  The marquee is now in place, some last-minute cleaning to do and we’ll be set up for tomorrows start at 10am. You’ll find me right next to the flag pole at the front entrance. I’m looking forward to seeing you there. Somers Arts Fair is held each year at the Somers Primary School in Camp Hill Road Somers. Click here for details

Finished lampworked glass beads awaiting the final assembly. © Katrina Newman

The illusive Australian Dream

Looking for Lucky Number 1 © Katrina Newman
The Great Australian Dream © Katrina Newman

These photos were taken on the road to Hill End NSW Australia. I loved the front door detail on this rather sad little house, you will find there a horseshoe to bring much needed luck to its inhabitants (if there are any), and the door handle, a simple but nice piece of craftsmanship, no doubt made from a eucalyptus branch found on the surrounding fields.

The Great Australian Bush

The Great Australian Bush © Katrina Newman

It’s wonderful what you can stumble upon in the Aussie bush. Is this decoration marking someones private bush retreat or is it a work of art from the resident artist? Whatever it is, it caught my eye. Please let me know if you know the story behind this. Please click on the image to enlarge.

Last day on the Great Ocean Road

Fungi home Beech Forest © Katrina Newman

You can just see a small beetle / bug taking shelter and finding its home on this small fungi fourth on the left and down.

Beech Forest Falls landscape © Katrina Newman
Beech Forest Falls © Katrina Newman
Natural and beautiful forest sculptures © Katrina Newman
A glimpse at the spectacular scenery that begins to unfold on the Great Ocean Road © Katrina Newman.

The Great Ocean Road Part 2

Probably the most captured views of Victorian coastline. Looking east and west to the Twelve Apostles National Park, it is such spectacular scenery.

Eastern view of the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park © Katrina Newman
Eastern view of the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park © Katrina Newman
Western view of the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park © Katrina Newman
Western view of the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park © Katrina Newman

The Great Ocean Road Part 1

On day three we explored Port Fairy taking in the lovely old buildings and streetscapes before heading to the Great Ocean Road built as a Memorial to all the soldiers that represented Australia in the first World War. The natural beauty found in the National Parks is breath-taking. It’s no wonder why flocks of tourists make a special effort to visit the area each day.

Port Fairy © Katrina Newman
Port Campbell National Park west of Broken Head © Katrina Newman
Port Campbell National Park west of Broken Head © Katrina Newman
London Bridge © Katrina Newman

Fitzroy River outlet

Our second night was spent at the mouth of the Fitzroy River.  We searched for a while, over shooting the turn off, and finally back tracking until we found the obscure and decaying sign pointing to the river outlet.  I realised why I’d missed the sign, because directly opposite the turn was this decorated fence.

Fence Tyrendarra East © Katrina Newman

The camping area was situated perfectly right smack bang next to the Fitzroy River.  The river had been cutoff from the sea and was brimming full.

Our site on the Fitzroy River © Katrina Newman

Regular users of the camping area advised me that normally you could drive right up close to the beach but on this occasion to get to the beach we had to wade through knee-high river water for 500 metres before negotiating the wind-swept sand dunes.  The local wind farm says it all, and the beach with all its sand and debris is carved by the wind.

Sea debris Portland Bay © Katrina Newman
Windswept dunes Portland Bay © Katrina Newman

The night passed and my nose being the excellent weather station that it is, told me that it was a very cold night indeed.

Early evening Fitzroy River © Katrina Newman


We took a short trip to western Victoria this past weekend for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Unfortunately rest and relaxation don’t usually go side by side with 1000 kms in 4.5 days, so be it. We did though enjoy the camping in my brothers excellent Cub camping trailer, the stunning coastline, and picturesque towns including Port Fairy and Koroit. It’s good to be home relaxing.

Our first night camping at Lake Colac © Katrina Newman
Kath's track marker to Leura Maar Look out Mt Leura, Victoria. © Katrina Newman

I love this beautifully crafted marker indicating the track to the Leura Maar Look out in the volcanic plains. Not surprising it is padlocked to the ground.  Mt Leura is in the small but beautiful town of Camperdown Victoria.

More pictures of our trip to follow.