des affaires français

Today was a remarkable day.  As I do, after the usual shower to wash away the sleepiness, feeding the Izzy dog, not necessarily in that order, usually Izzy takes precedence, then making my way to the kitchen to make breakfast, I turned on my mobile.  Ding!!  Wow what’s going on. A quick glance and I notice I had a message from Etsy.  I’ve got the new Etsy app on my phone which helps me manage my shop.

I noticed a familiar name and discovered that an old friend from my uni days had just made a few purchases from my shop.  Wow, that’s simply great, it put a smile on my face.  Many of my networks have stemmed from links back to Canberra School of Art, friends from university, working to pay the bills and family. That’s why I also use my Facebook page to promote my jewellery capturing the great network of family and friends that have been with me for as long as I can remember.

A short email that followed the purchases said and I quote “I wanted to buy everything!”.  Now that’s just wonderful, the perfect customer.

I achieved another milestone today, I finished translating my shop on Etsy into French.  My partner is French and although my French language skills are far from perfect, it extends my business that bit further.  My sales today were all from Japan.

I watch people who wear jewellery and it pleases me when I see that they might be wearing something that is obviously handmade, but on many occasions you will find that the jewellery has been mass-produced through countries like China and Indonesia. Please continue to support small business’ like mine, and be proud to be adorned in something so beautiful and unique as you.

Amethyst Earrings © Katrina Newman
Amethyst Earrings © Katrina Newman
Izzy, my beautiful dog who more than often comes first © Katrina Newman.
Izzy, my beautiful dog who more than often comes first © Katrina Newman.

Pearls from the sea

Izzy with stick. Copyright Katrina Newman.
Beaded collar (no it's not a mistake). Copyright Katrina Newman.

Twice a day I take my dog Izzy for a walk, this morning it was on the beach. Weather dependent we walk on the beach or in the park.  Izzy likes to be around me most of the time and after a trip to the beach I don’t encourage her to come inside with a sandy coat. We have a great arrangement together where following our trips to the beach I hose her gently down and dry her off with a large collection of towels I have collected for her. She loves the towelling bit the best, as it almost massages her now weary legs after her activities on the beach. We play with sticks and balls it’s our morning ritual. It’s our time, but some times she thinks it’s just her time, and when it’s time to leave the beach she’ll find some excuse for staying longer.  This can mean I’m late for work, which is absolutely terrible.

I often take photos of things I see along the way such as the seaweed strewn across the beach. Today this beautiful collection of pearls from the sea made what appears to be an intricate Victorian collar of beaded jewellery; it’s absolutely superb craftsmanship. If only I could recreate such beauty.