Better Homes and Gardens Video at Lost Trades Fair

The Lost Trades Fair in Kyneton March 2018 by Better Homes and Gardens featuring yours truly with Joh Griggs. You can watch the whole show on 7plus.

For more videos on the Cuttlefish casting technique visit my Youtube Channel at

Lost Trades Fair featuring on Better Homes & Gardens Friday 21 September!

The Lost Trades Fair will be featured on Better Homes & Gardens this Friday 21 September 2018 on Channel 72 at 7pm. Please check your local TV guide for details.

I had the pleasure of meeting Joh Griggs and Jason Hodges from Better Homes and Gardens as I demonstrated cuttlefish casting in Kyneton at the Lost Trades Fair this year. Did I make it on the show? We’ll find out tomorrow night.

Please contact me to arrange a visit to my studio or subscribe to my blog for an invitation to my open studio in November each year.

Cuttlefish casting at the Lost Trades Fair Kyneton 2018
Cuttlefish casting at the Lost Trades Fair in Kyneton as Joh Griggs and Jason Hodges from Better Homes and Gardens look on
Describing the process of cuttlefish casting to Joh Griggs from Better Homes and Gardens at the Lost Trades Fair in Kyneton 2018

Studio is always open to visitors

I’ve worked in many different studios, including as a student in the Gold and Silversmithing Department at Canberra School of Art.

In 1986 I set up my first studio at Gorman House Arts Centre in Canberra.  I remember paying about $7 a week rent, which I found was not too difficult to manage when you’re a young emerging artist. In 1987 with the abundant energy that I had, I nominated for the Gorman House Committee of Management, I have always been keen on making a difference. The photo below was the paraphernalia that I distributed in hope of achieving success, I lost by 1 vote. As it turned out they employed me to work in the office instead. In the photo I am wearing three spectacular arm rings that I made from Perspex.

After my first solo exhibition in 1988 at Solander Gallery in Canberra I had a short break before re-establishing in my second studio back at Gorman House Arts Centre.  You may have seen me at the Gorman House Arts Centre Markets where I braved the cold Canberra winters, however I still managed to keep a brave face.

In 1994, I left Canberra to return to Melbourne where I set up my studio in my lounge room in a small unit I let in Armadale.  Following on I moved to Ashburton, and then down to Somers on the Mornington Peninsula.   It was only when I purchased my first home at McCrae in 2013, that I have been able to re-open my studio to the public, as I did many years ago in Canberra at Gorman House Arts Centre.

I joined the Peninsula Studio Trail in 2013, and have opened my studio every year since. In my studio visitors can see an exhibition of my work and demonstrations of the techniques I use including cuttlefish casting and lamp working glass beads. As I’ve always said, I enjoy the opportunity to show people what I do, and how it is done.

My studio is always open to the public, so if you’re keen to see my work or buy directly, please click the contact button at the top of this page to arrange a time to visit.


Cuff-links and rings at Refined

Men will also find a selection of rings and cuff-links at my exhibition ‘Refined’.

I’ll be available again this weekend from 2:00 to 5:00pm, to answer any questions about my work, to share with you information about the inspiration behind each piece, and the techniques I use.

Please drop into Antipodes Bookshop Gallery Sorrento, in the downstairs gallery, and say hello.

‘Refined’ the opening

It was a great opening of ‘Refined’ my exhibition at Antipodes Bookshop Gallery in Sorrento today.  The exhibition is open 7 days a week until the 31st January. I’ll be there each weekend afternoon from 2pm. Please drop in and say hello, and learn a little about the techniques I use to make my contemporary statement jewellery.

Painting plinths for ‘Refined’

Busy with last minute preparations for ‘Refined’, my exhibition of contemporary jewellery opening on the 2nd January 2016. See you at Antipodes Bookshop Gallery (in the downstairs gallery) in Sorrento after 2pm on Saturday!

ETSY Australia in my studio, OMG!!

Etsy Australia and I in my studio © Katrina Newman

Fantastic morning with the Etsy Australia team in my studio. I feel so privileged.

Thank you Etsy Australia!

Quaint architecture in Tasmania

Pink Artist Studio Battery Point © Katrina Newman
Pink Artist Studio Battery Point © Katrina Newman
Blue house Battery Point © Katrina Newman
Blue house Battery Point © Katrina Newman
Just what I;m looking for, in Woodridge Tasmania © Katrina Newman
Just what I’m looking for in Woodridge Tasmania © Katrina Newman

While I have a beautiful studio in my garden in McCrae on the Mornington Peninsula, I’m still searching for a shopfront and residence suitable for a small gallery cafe. These beautiful buildings in Tasmania took my fancy.

Celosia Orange, Dazzling Blue, Radiant Orchid

2014 Colours are already here © Katrina Newman
2014 colours are already here © Katrina Newman

These are a small sample of the range of colours Vogue Australia predict we’ll be wearing in 2014.  See Vogue Australia online  for their predictions and to learn more about these stunning colours.

My fabulous range of earrings and necklaces on Etsy include these stunning colours of the new season.  Please click the photo to go directly to my online shop.  If your favourite item has been sold, please contact me with your special order.  Further items in the range are also available in the online gallery see

All the jewellery is handmade exclusively by Katrina Newman to both set and meet new trends in design and colour in Australia and around the world.

Please contact Katrina if you have any questions via the contact form  .

Stained Glass Cake

Stained Glass Cake © Katrina Newman.

My stained glass cake made with glace fruit, it’s almost as beautiful as looking at a stained glass window, but tastes much better.  In England they are often known as Bishops Cakes.