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Today was a remarkable day.  As I do, after the usual shower to wash away the sleepiness, feeding the Izzy dog, not necessarily in that order, usually Izzy takes precedence, then making my way to the kitchen to make breakfast, I turned on my mobile.  Ding!!  Wow what’s going on. A quick glance and I notice I had a message from Etsy.  I’ve got the new Etsy app on my phone which helps me manage my shop.

I noticed a familiar name and discovered that an old friend from my uni days had just made a few purchases from my shop.  Wow, that’s simply great, it put a smile on my face.  Many of my networks have stemmed from links back to Canberra School of Art, friends from university, working to pay the bills and family. That’s why I also use my Facebook page to promote my jewellery capturing the great network of family and friends that have been with me for as long as I can remember.

A short email that followed the purchases said and I quote “I wanted to buy everything!”.  Now that’s just wonderful, the perfect customer.

I achieved another milestone today, I finished translating my shop on Etsy into French.  My partner is French and although my French language skills are far from perfect, it extends my business that bit further.  My sales today were all from Japan.

I watch people who wear jewellery and it pleases me when I see that they might be wearing something that is obviously handmade, but on many occasions you will find that the jewellery has been mass-produced through countries like China and Indonesia. Please continue to support small business’ like mine, and be proud to be adorned in something so beautiful and unique as you.

Amethyst Earrings © Katrina Newman
Amethyst Earrings © Katrina Newman
Izzy, my beautiful dog who more than often comes first © Katrina Newman.
Izzy, my beautiful dog who more than often comes first © Katrina Newman.

Is this a sign?

View from Chalet de la Dole Switzerland across to Lac Leman © Katrina Newman.

seeking beauty

Tour Eiffel © Katrina Newman

“The beautiful of the engineer results from the fact that he is not conscious of seeking beauty”       Henri Van de Velde.

Urban Architecture 4. Centre Georges Pompidou / CC1 Paris 1986.                                           Conception Sylive Deswarte, Raymond Guidot. Page 31.

Tour Eiffel © Katrina Newman

architectural influences

Espace Grande Arche Paris © Katrina Newman
Espace Grande Arche Paris © Katrina Newman
Espace Grande Arche Paris © Katrina Newman
Espace Grande Arche Paris © Katrina Newman
La Défense district, Paris © Katrina Newman


Nauru House Melbourne © Katrina Newman
Mont Blanc France © Katrina Newman
Peaks surrounding Chamonix France © Katrina Newman

Project 365

© Katrina Newman

The wireless Internet service I receive hasn’t been working since the big storms on Christmas day, so I am wondering… how can I plan a 365 day venture without a reliable Internet connection? I live 85 Kms from Melbourne and I am obliged to rely on an Internet service that offers very little for what I pay for without fault.

Does disappointment lead to being creative?

I was driving home from farewelling my partner at the airport this afternoon; we’d only just reunited following a 5 month absence, and 7 days later he’s back on another plane.  The 1.5-hour drive from the Melbourne airport gave me time to think again about what I will be doing in 2012.  I have many plans and many adventures in the making (as most of us do I’m sure) but what about my blog, what about the promotion of my work as a gold and silversmith? Isn’t that what this blog is all about? Promotion! Well yes, and more, this blog is also the start of another wonderful business project, the mélange of Jewellery Cake and Coffee. Who could ask for more than that?  A combination of all things exquisite and yummy. A collection of sparkling little works of art, immersed in a room filled with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the sweetness of a gallery of home-style cakes. How simply superb.

I have a terribly unreliable Internet service provided by our telecommunications monopoly giant here in Australia, and so it is difficult to make a commitment to deliver 365 blog additions over 365 days in 2012, and it is also difficult to know if I will be able to get in front of my computer every day for the next 365 days.

I am however going to commit to make this is my first post to start a 365 page blog about when I make it bake it post it or take it. I can not promise to list my make it bake it post it or take it blog addition every day but I will promise that when I can I will. Let this be post one of a 365 page blog. Unfortunately I am unable to post this today being the first day of the year, as I am without a reliable connection.  I look forward to your contributions and comments.

So what did you do on New Years Day? What are your plans for the New Year? Are you putting your goals in writing, giving them timelines, making a commitment?  01/01/2012

Detail Librairie Bildergarte Strasbourg France 2009 © Katrina Newman
Librairie Bildergarte Strasbourg France 2009 © Katrina Newman