My lamp work glass bead necklaces and pendants will be on SALE from Thursday 12 January 2017 until sold out. Buy direct from my studio or online.



Making Waves

These stunning rings will make a bold statement at my exhibition which opens on the 2nd January at Antipodes Bookshop Gallery in Sorrento. Please subscribe for further updates.

ETSY Australia in my studio, OMG!!

Etsy Australia and I in my studio © Katrina Newman

Fantastic morning with the Etsy Australia team in my studio. I feel so privileged.

Thank you Etsy Australia!

Sale Sale Sale

I’m having an end of Financial Year Sale!!

All my sterling silver earrings have been marked down to $35* until 6pm AEST 30 June 2014.  My rolled gold ear-rings are reduced to $40.*  

*Plus GST if applicable (GST is applicable for Australian sales only).

If you’re making your purchase from my online shop at ETSY please contact me before finalising your order to make sure you pay the correct price.

I have over 70 pairs of earrings in my McCrae studio gallery, many of which are not featured on Etsy, so if you’d like to come and see them all please call me on 0413 304 013 or contact me via my Contact form.

You’ll find my studio gallery in McCrae, tucked into the hillside of Arthur’s Seat with stunning views across Port Phillip Bay. My studio is always open by appointment so if you’re visiting the Mornington Peninsula  or wish to make a special trip please contact me to view my jewellery for sale on Etsy and much more.

A selection of earrings on sale © Katrina Newman
A selection of earrings on sale © Katrina Newman





des affaires français

Today was a remarkable day.  As I do, after the usual shower to wash away the sleepiness, feeding the Izzy dog, not necessarily in that order, usually Izzy takes precedence, then making my way to the kitchen to make breakfast, I turned on my mobile.  Ding!!  Wow what’s going on. A quick glance and I notice I had a message from Etsy.  I’ve got the new Etsy app on my phone which helps me manage my shop.

I noticed a familiar name and discovered that an old friend from my uni days had just made a few purchases from my shop.  Wow, that’s simply great, it put a smile on my face.  Many of my networks have stemmed from links back to Canberra School of Art, friends from university, working to pay the bills and family. That’s why I also use my Facebook page to promote my jewellery capturing the great network of family and friends that have been with me for as long as I can remember.

A short email that followed the purchases said and I quote “I wanted to buy everything!”.  Now that’s just wonderful, the perfect customer.

I achieved another milestone today, I finished translating my shop on Etsy into French.  My partner is French and although my French language skills are far from perfect, it extends my business that bit further.  My sales today were all from Japan.

I watch people who wear jewellery and it pleases me when I see that they might be wearing something that is obviously handmade, but on many occasions you will find that the jewellery has been mass-produced through countries like China and Indonesia. Please continue to support small business’ like mine, and be proud to be adorned in something so beautiful and unique as you.

Amethyst Earrings © Katrina Newman
Amethyst Earrings © Katrina Newman
Izzy, my beautiful dog who more than often comes first © Katrina Newman.
Izzy, my beautiful dog who more than often comes first © Katrina Newman.

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Don’t forget to look at my new works just listed on ETSY for your Christmas shopping needs.             I’ll have them packaged and sent the day you place your order.