Pecha Kucha at Sovereign Hill

I’m very pleased to announce that tomorrow evening I’ll be participating in the Pecha Kucha event presented by Rare Trades in Sovereign Hill Ballarat. I’ll be in great company with a bell maker, wheelwright, heritage locksmith and many more artisans sharing information about their trades and rare crafts.

If you’ve been missing the Lost Trades Fair as I have, then this is a great opportunity to meet artisans and people practicing rare trades, engage with them and hear them talk to their work, inspiration and processes they use.

I’ll be presenting on how I use the ancient technique of cuttlefish bone casting in my contemporary jewellery concluding with some finished contemporary jewellery. If you’re interested in joining me it’s a $5 entry at the Victoria Theatre & United States Bar, at Sovereign Hill tomorrow night. Please click on this link to Pecha Kucha for further details.

Cuttlefish Casting at the Lost Trades Fair 2018

If you’re interested in watching a demonstration of cuttlefish casting, I’ll be providing plenty of opportunities for you to see the fun and learn about the technique at this years Lost Trades Fair in Kyneton on the Labour Day weekend, 10th & 11th March 2018.

Expect to fill all your senses during a demonstration of the technique – there’s the smell of the burning cuttlefish bone, the heat of the gas, the noise of the torch, and the excitement of watching as the silver becomes molten and is carefully poured into the cuttlefish bone mould.

I’ll be demonstrating the carving and casting across both days, I’ll also have an exhibition of recent work available for sale, please come and say hi.

For more information on the Lost Trades Fair please click on the following link there you’ll also be able to purchase your tickets in advance, save 20% and avoid any long drawn out queues to get in.

Portsea Market in Pt Nepean National Park

Despite the heat wave that is blasting Melbourne, rest assured a glorious market day of 25 degrees can be had this weekend at the Portsea Market, Point Nepean National Park. You will find me at site 52 with a beautiful sea view (just like my studio).

Today I’ve been busy etching and cleaning beads to arrange into a few more earrings and pendants to tempt you on Sunday.

I am also pleased to announce that I can offer PayPal payments and Credit card processing to make sure you don’t miss out, though I always prefer cash.

The market is open from 10am – 3pm Sunday 19th January for more details click anywhere on this line, or visit .

Reeming the inside of a bead to remove the bead release © K Newman

If you can’t make it you are always welcome to contact me to arrange an appointment to visit my studio.

See you Sunday!