Champagne Drinking Vessels 18cm x 6.5cm B/W © Katrina Newman
Champagne Drinking Vessels 18cm x 6.5cm © Katrina Newman

These Champagne Drinking Vessels were featured on the invitation for my first solo show at Solander Gallery Canberra in 1988.  Each vessel is made with 8 triangular pieces of black acrylic sheet cut filed and carefully glued together.  These cups then sit in the blue base which are two pieces of blue acrylic sheet slotted together, each cup corresponds with a particular base. This and other pieces featured on this site are available as collectors items for sale.

Racing Teapot

Racing Teapot © Katrina Newman

This is my favourite teapot. It’s never been exhibited or put on public display. I remember the last minute nightmare that arrived as I struggled to finish it for my first solo show at Solander Gallery. It was late at night in my studio in Gorman House Arts Centre  when I finally had to let go of the idea that it would not feature in the show. I was disappointed.  But the show was still every bit the success. that it was. People described feeling happy, they smiled with the colour that would light up their day when they viewed the exhibition.  Eventually the teapot was finished and sits quietly waiting its début in my cupboard keeping cool, waiting. But it’s hard for a teapot so graphic so fast so out there to wait. Look at me it cries look at my beautiful lines, at my elegance. I’m almost futuristic harking back to the futurist work of Italian artist Giacomo Balla.  It is my quintessential teapot.

Coffee Pots

Coffee Pot 28cm x 10cm © Katrina Newman
Coffee Pot 30cm x 12.5cm © Katrina Newman
Coffee Pots © Katrina Newman

Tweety teapot

Yellow & Red Teapot © Katrina Newman
Yellow & Red Teapot © Katrina Newman
Yellow & Red Teapot © Katrina Newman

One of my first teapots made from acrylic sheet, size 12.5 cm x 22.5cm. This teapot is not designed with functionality in mind, it is first and foremost a work of decorative art, though it should be known that it pours beautifully.

This and the other acrylic pieces I am bringing to this blog, were produced for my first solo show at Solander Gallery Canberra in May 1988 titled ‘A New Perspective”.  These images are from scanned slides and some have sustained damage over the years.  I still have the majority of items in store and will endeavor to re photograph them as I find the time.  Please feel welcome to contact me if you have any interest in purchasing any of these items or if you are curious to learn more about them.


© Katrina Newman

A collection of my acrylic sheet bowls from 1986.

Red Bowl 4cm x 22cm © Katrina Newman

Peace Bowl 11 x 29cm © Katrina Newman

Black & White Bowl 21 x 33cm © Katrina Newman

my first studio 1986

Studio Gorman House Arts Centre Canberra ACT 1986 © Katrina Newman

This is a rather poor picture of my first studio at Gorman House Arts Centre in Canberra from 1986. You can see the Red Peace Bowl just below the vice and some  pieces that never got to the finish line scattered around the walls. I was a tenant for 8 years at Gorman House Arts Centre. I had stalls at the Markets there in the last 2 years I was living in Canberra.  It was a wonderful place to be creative.


No. 1 1986 © Katrina Newman
Yellow table ornament 1986 © Katrina Newman
No. 3 Green Table Ornament 1986 © Katrina Newman

All ornaments are made with acrylic sheet and enamel paint. Sizes and prices available on request.