Christmas is coming!

Somers Arts Fair 2012

Thank you to all the people that visited my stall at Somers Arts Fair last weekend.

If you didn’t get a chance to buy what you were looking at last weekend you can visit my shop and buy before Christmas. I have added more than 20 new listings to my shop in the last week, so it’s worth your while to drop in for a look.  Below you will find some examples of my new work.

Please be patient when placing your order and corresponding with me as there may be a short delay in sending your item as I am taking a holiday and will not always be available to get to the computer.

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Sea blue cascade necklace
Purple and ivory ear-rings
A glorious sunset necklace
Purple Cascade
Sea Horizons Pendant
Red and white polka dot ear-rings
Glistening Sea Ear-rings


Olga. © Katrina Newman

Someone once said to me that the works of art I produce are like my children.  This so strongly resounded within me that nearly 20 years later I think about it every time I prepare to sell my work.

Over Christmas I was pleased to sell some earrings and when I was packaging them up there was that familiar sentiment, a pensive moment, I may never see or touch these pieces again, that a person not known to me will wear a small piece of me, of art made by me.  I have also a secret thrill, that possibly one day I may be enchanted to meet these people on the road, anywhere, and be able to say, ‘Hi, I made that. Do you enjoy it?’

I make my little pieces for my pleasure, in the hope that one day someone will also treasure them. That they be loved and respected by their new owners.

Baking in Mali

‘Bloody hot’, it’s a sweltering Australian summers day in southern Victoria. Izzy the dog and I are trying to keep ourselves cool with the air-conditioner sitting on 26 degrees. It’s better than the 40 degree temperature outside.  This morning we were swimming imaginary laps together in Westernport Bay, it was glorious.

I put some washing on the line a few minutes ago and Izzy looked at me to say ‘are you really being serious’ when I invited her to join me outside. It was when I was outside that I decided that heat would play a part in my blog today. This hot weather reminds me of the temperatures in Mali West Africa. I’m actually wearing a tunic that I purchased in Timbuktu, perfectly designed in cool cotton, loose and relaxed to keep the heat away from your body.

Having desired to travel in Mali and the Dogon region since my studies of West African Tribal Body adornment at Canberra School of Art, I finally realised my dream 21 years later in 2004.  I met up with a British tour group in Bamako for the start of the tour. We trekked in the Dogon region for 5 days. Rising before the sun and setting out early to avoid the scorching heat of the day, we walked until late morning where we would collapse in a local shelter to take some respite from the heat and refuel our bodies. Just until the temperature lowered sufficiently to continue our trek in the late afternoon. We trekked about 10 to 15 kilometres each day. Enormous thanks were given to the porters for carrying our baggage, for with added weight of full backpacks it would have been impossible.

My body and feet swam in perspiration as I trekked. We carried over 4 litres of water each, just to replace our fluids and that was still not enough. When we stopped for lunch and other short breaks I would take every opportunity to submerge a scarf in cool water to cool my neck.  After the second day as I collapsed exhausted into my tent, I was in tears with the pain in my feet from the blisters biting deep into my heels.

It was not an easy trek, but it has been one of the most rewarding adventures of my life. Following the trek we relaxed in a local boat ‘a Pinasse’ and toured up the Niger River camping on its banks at night, eventually arriving at every travellers Mecca ‘Timbuktu’. As we sat on the balcony of our hotel I remember the other travellers remarking on the dry scorching heat, a ittle bit like today.

For the second page of Make Bake Post Take I’m taking this opportunity to post some pictures of the baking Mali landscapes and it’s people. Not having shared these images before these will give you a small glimpse into the beauty of this harsh and beautiful land locked country.

Click here to see the slide show with captions.

Watering the animals outside Timbuktu Mali. © Katrina Newman.

Project 365

© Katrina Newman

The wireless Internet service I receive hasn’t been working since the big storms on Christmas day, so I am wondering… how can I plan a 365 day venture without a reliable Internet connection? I live 85 Kms from Melbourne and I am obliged to rely on an Internet service that offers very little for what I pay for without fault.

Does disappointment lead to being creative?

I was driving home from farewelling my partner at the airport this afternoon; we’d only just reunited following a 5 month absence, and 7 days later he’s back on another plane.  The 1.5-hour drive from the Melbourne airport gave me time to think again about what I will be doing in 2012.  I have many plans and many adventures in the making (as most of us do I’m sure) but what about my blog, what about the promotion of my work as a gold and silversmith? Isn’t that what this blog is all about? Promotion! Well yes, and more, this blog is also the start of another wonderful business project, the mélange of Jewellery Cake and Coffee. Who could ask for more than that?  A combination of all things exquisite and yummy. A collection of sparkling little works of art, immersed in a room filled with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the sweetness of a gallery of home-style cakes. How simply superb.

I have a terribly unreliable Internet service provided by our telecommunications monopoly giant here in Australia, and so it is difficult to make a commitment to deliver 365 blog additions over 365 days in 2012, and it is also difficult to know if I will be able to get in front of my computer every day for the next 365 days.

I am however going to commit to make this is my first post to start a 365 page blog about when I make it bake it post it or take it. I can not promise to list my make it bake it post it or take it blog addition every day but I will promise that when I can I will. Let this be post one of a 365 page blog. Unfortunately I am unable to post this today being the first day of the year, as I am without a reliable connection.  I look forward to your contributions and comments.

So what did you do on New Years Day? What are your plans for the New Year? Are you putting your goals in writing, giving them timelines, making a commitment?  01/01/2012

Detail Librairie Bildergarte Strasbourg France 2009 © Katrina Newman
Librairie Bildergarte Strasbourg France 2009 © Katrina Newman