Settling into my studio

Getting comfortable at the bench © Katrina Newman
Getting comfortable at the bench © Katrina Newman
Settling into my new studio McCrae
Settling into my new studio in McCrae © Katrina Newman

As you can see I’ve made substantial progress in my studio since the post about painting the floor, which I must add looks absolutely sensational now that it has been finished.  The benches and other furniture are in position so there’s almost no excuse to start creating in this beautiful place.  I just need to install a few floating shelves and give the table a coat of fresh paint before I’m ready to open the doors so that you can buy my jewellery directly from me in my studio.

I have sensational views of Port Phillip Bay and Arthur’s Seat State Park from both benches in my studio. The garden around the studio is also looking beautiful in full spring bloom. I was enchanted by the studio and the garden when I moved here in late May, I hope it will be a similar experience for you when I open my door for the first time in October.  I will host my first open weekend in October where you will be able to see how and where all my beautiful rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces are produced, please click on the Gallery link above for a display of past and present work.

Both the photos above show my two separate benches, one for making the gold and silver jewellery and the findings used to mount my lampworked beads, and the other close to the photographer for making the lamp worked glass beads.  I’m just missing the obligatory bottle of oxygen to start the torch again.

My studio will be open regularly from October, when I look forward to making you all feel very welcome.  If you need further information please click on the Contact link and send me an email.

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