Slow progress

Seductress colourI’m making progress on the studio. Holes have been filled, the walls sanded and cleaned.  The 6 litres of natural white paint sits quietly on the floor waiting to be opened and the first coat to be applied.  The studio will certainly look fantastic when it’s painted.  I’ve been suffering from a bout of fatigue and will endeavor to start painting this weekend.  You are all welcome to drop by with a paint brush or spare roller and chip in.  Getting on my knees to apply the masking tape to the edges will no doubt be painful.

All my tools, furniture and equipment remain idle in the centre of the studio waiting for the renovations.  I’ve chosen the colour for the floor too, unless of course a roll of black commercial vinyl can be found. It will warm the room with its deep Shiraz tones, it’s called Seductress.

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