In Memoriam @ Silverton NSW

Silverton Cemetery NSW  © Katrina Newman
Silverton Cemetery NSW © Katrina Newman

Staying out at Silverton 25 clicks from Broken Hill NSW, I thought we’d visit the local cemetery. Here you can find stories of struggle and hardship, young lives cut terribly short, and families torn apart by death.

The landscape resembles a red hot oven scattered with saltbush.  It must have been hellish in the 1800’s.  You can see for yourself that this cemetery and those interred appear almost forgotten. The local community however have taken a recent interest in maintaining this local history sight and its memorials.

Silverton Cemetery Trust can be located on Facebook at

2 thoughts on “In Memoriam @ Silverton NSW

  1. Silverton Cemetery trust is not part of the local Silverton community, I use to play here as a kid when we went to the mines annual picnic…The Local Silverton Village Committee have no Intentions of rejuvenating the Cemetery and this is why I have taken it upon myself to do something. The Cemetery use to be 55 acres and no its about 5 acres. Over the years there have been many Head Stones Stolen and the graves have been left to rack and ruin

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