baked date scones

My date scones © Katrina Newman

My mouth was watering yesterday as I admired some date scones at the local Balnarring Op shop book sale. I didn’t find any books this time but rather a selection of Gourmet Traveller magazines to add to my already large collection; mostly all bought at book sales or garage sales. The lady who took my money said ‘you can’t throw these out can you’. We agreed on two things date scones are yummy and Gourmet Traveller magazines at 20 cents a pop are great value, what wonderful treats.

I knew I had some fresh dates in the kitchen pantry and ‘voila’ this afternoon in less than 10 minutes I had some lovely scones baking in the oven at 220 C.  Delicious and oh so satisfying, I spread each scone liberally with margarine, not thinking for a moment about my cholesterol as my Doctor would prefer I did.   How short life is to withhold the small pleasure of a scone or cake.

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