Addendum to About

I love creating things. It could be food, jewellery, and a photo, a letter a blog. Caught up in Project 365 now, I think to myself how can I keep to my commitment to make bake post take 365 times in one year?  It could be worse than Facebook, it could take too much of my time. Time maybe I’d be better off devoting to making my jewellery. I think to myself I need not be worried I have work to sell and marketing to do to move some of the stocks of art I have built up. This blog is great because it promotes my work and my brand.

A cousin of mine asked me yesterday why do you need a blog, a website? My response was immediate; I said that it was to promote my brand. My brand is Katrina Newman I am a Gold and Silversmith.  But I don’t want to limit myself to being solely creative as a gold and silversmith I love to make or take photos, I love to doodle, to design, to write, to think, to eat, and to make cakes and sweets.  I love to eat sweets too, sugar soothes my soul. It’s true, it’s incredible, I tell myself. My blog is great because it forces me to be creative and think outside my usual boundaries of safeness. It demands that I am creative.

Nougat shop in a Moroccan Souk 2005
Nougat shop in a Moroccan Souk 2005 © Katrina Newman.

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